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Autumn-Winter 2016


Autumn-Winter 2016 
Your body is a precarious financial instrument. Your heartbeat is measured, your choices are monitored and ranked, your future behavior is calculable, monetizable and further looped into existence. You are a mathematical depiction of flows, aggregate data in a continuous present. Get ready for the ultimate transaction.

For its street wear and fighting gear inspired collection, Prosper Center mixes stock market data patterns with decorative warrior motifs, symbols of a desired power to appropriate the opponent’s strength. Various textures and patterns combine into a representation of the human-data-animal assemblage, marking the body as an intersection of techno-organic streams.

The collection is produced in Iasi, a Romanian city formerly known for its textile industry. After the Romanian revolution of 1989, marking the fall of communist Romania and the opening of the local market for international investors, most factories have disappeared or have been privatized and made into smaller ones that work on foreign multinationals’ clothing lines.

Photography: Cosmin Grădinariu
Models: Adelin Bogleş, Chivu Jugan, Irene Nica, Emilia Şteţ
Produced by tranzit.ro Iasi
Big thanks to: Livia Pancu, Florin Bobu, Alexandra Pirici, Delia Bulgaru